More Witnesses

The following is a list of others whose words were used to tell the story in Reunion:

  • Lt. F.M. Abbott1
  • Jourdon Anderson
  • Sgt. Onley Andrus2
  • Pvt. Thomas B. Barker3
  • Henry Bibb
  • Gen. Frank Blair
  • Sgt. John Brobst4
  • John C. Brock
  • Noah Brooks
  • William Wells Brown
  • Lt. John Burnham
  • Peter H. Clark
  • Mary B. Clay
  • Sgt. Samuel Clear5
  • A. Davenport
  • Judge David Davis
  • Anna Elizabeth Dickinson
  • W.J. Ferguson
  • James Ford
  • Cpl. J.G. Fraser6
  • A.G. Frick7
  • Giuseppi Garibaldi
  • Cpl. James H. Gooding
  • Horace Greeley
  • Gen. Henry Halleck
  • Cornelia Hancock
  • Sgt. James H. Harden
  • Eliza Harris
  • Pvt. William R. Hartpence
  • Harry Hawk
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Sgt. A.F. Hill
  • Gen. Joseph Hooker
  • Laura Keene
  • George Kimball
  • William E. Limbarker8
  • Pvt. William H. Lloyd9
  • James Russell Lowell
  • Alexander K. McClure
  • Pvt. G.F. Newhall10
  • John G. Nicolay
  • Pvt. Oliver Wilcox Norton
  • Sgt. Eli K. Pickett11
  • Marcus M. Pomeroy
  • Gen. John Pope
  • Gen. Horace Porter
  • George Haven Putnam
  • A.H. Rice
  • William Howard Russell
  • Pvt. Henry J. Savage
  • Gen. Carl Schurz
  • Gen. Philip Sheridan
  • Edwin M. Stanton
  • Rev. A.M. Stewart
  • George Templeton Strong
  • Sgt. David L. Thompson
  • George Ticknor
  • Rev. Henry M. Turner
  • Pvt. Theodore Upson12
  • Bethany Veney
  • Thurlow Weed
  • Gideon Welles
  • Josephine Wilcox
  • Gen. James Harrison Wilson
  • Robert Winthrop
  • Jesse Bowman Young


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12From With Sherman to the Sea: The Journal of Theodore F. Upson. Oscar O. Winther (ed.) Louisiana State University Press.


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