Reunion Civil War Study Guide

The Reunion Study Guide & Classroom Resource

The Reunion Civil War Study Guide & Classroom Resource is the culmination of more than a decade of collaboration between the playwright, original director, and production staff and educators from the Goodspeed Opera House, Ford’s Theatre and The New York State Theatre Institute. With over 34 pages of material that includes timelines, glossaries, key concepts, combined curriculum suggestions, discussion & writing prompts and individual & classroom activities, this guide is designed to help educators in 4 ways.

Use Reunion as a Civil War Resource

Reading the script and incorporating the music (CD or piano/vocal score) and graphic images into a classroom study of the Civil War period. The Civil War study guide includes many activities and writing/discussion prompts to get you started. (If you’d like to use Reunion in this classroom setting and it is performed only by and for members of the class, Samuel French does not charge a licensing fee, and you pay only for scripts, scores, CDs or other published materials.)

Build a Multi-Week Civil War Unit Around Reunion

This includes research, discussion, further reading and rehearsal, culminating in a public or schoolwide performance. This inclusive approach fosters community and cooperation that can involve history, English, music and drama teachers and classes in a joint effort, with the end result on display as a source of pride for all the participants. The Civil War study guide contains suggestions from educators on ways in which Reunion can fit into several curriculum areas.

Mount a School Production of Reunion

Using the expanded cast version in the script, there is no limit to the cast size. Because the play is episodic, it is easier with a larger cast to divide responsibilities so you can rehearse multiple scenes and songs at the same time.

Prepare Students Before a Performance of Reunion

The many regional theatres who have mounted productions of Reunion have drawn strong audiences from school groups. While there is no pre-study required for students to enjoy a performance, many teachers optimize their students’ experience by exploring the history covered in the show. The Civil War study guide is specifically designed to help.

Get the Script

Reunion script

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