Reunion in the Classroom

We have prepared some resources for teachers to use in the classroom. Reunion is the ideal partner for middle school and high school history units on the Civil War. In addition, it can be the basis of longer-term projects combining several curriculum areas including American history, English/language arts, music and drama.

The Reunion Study Guide & Classroom Resource

With more than 34 pages of background, vocabulary, discussion, questions and classroom activities, we have used more than a decade’s experience bringing students and Reunion together to create this free resource.

“Magic Lantern” Projections

One unique aspect of Reunion is the fusing of three elements—music, dialogue and images—to tell the story, each element providing vital context for the others. Harry Hawk’s “magic lantern” projections are cued throughout the script. These two online slide shows present the original images used in production. The image captions in the slideshows correspond with cues in the published script.

Act I opening slide
Slide of John Wilkes Booth

Further Reading

Our suggestion list for further reading includes some of the original sources used to write the show as well as fiction and non-fiction titles suggested by educators during previous productions.

Get the Script

Reunion script

Scripts are published by Samuel French, Inc. Click the button to order yours now or download a free excerpt—no registration necessary.

Free Study Guide

Reunion Civil War study guide cover

Download the free Civil War study guide designed for using REUNION in the classroom.