May God Save the Union

Words by Rev. G. Douglass Brewerton, Music by Carl Wolfsohn

“And bind us in Union forever to last….”

Noah Brooks

Naive, even hymn-like in its solemnity, “May God Save the Union” illustrates the near-religious fervor felt by many for the “sacred” ideal of Union when the war first broke out. With sentiment on both sides whipped to a frenzy, there were plenty of young adherents ready to die for the cause, and plenty of folks to urge them on while they themselves stayed home. Songs like this were heard during many a hometown train-station farewell to the Union volunteers, the last time their neighbors would ever see more than three hundred thousand of them.


May God save the Union,
God grant it to stand;
The pride of our people,
The boast of our land.
Still, still ‘mid the storm
May our banner float free,
Unrent and unriven
O’er earth and o’er sea.
May God save the Union,
The red, white and blue;
Our states keep united
The dreary day through.
Let the stars tell the tale
Of our glorious past,
And bind us in union
Forever to last.